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Why ATS Tennis
Dedicated Portals
Player & Team Stats
Various Formats
Players Enter Scores
Mobile Friendly
Works for All Racquet Sports
players love our system
Set up a league in minutes
With ATS you can easily run box leagues where players join small groups, competing over a 6-week period. At each round's end, top performers ascend, while those at the bottom face relegation.
Choose the number of groups
Sort the players into groups
Ready to go!
Various League Formats
Best of Three
Standard Fast4
More Coming Soon
Run Live
ATS supports running live tournaments, displaying real-time scores on the board and promptly notifying participants of their upcoming court assignments.
Quickswiss, Round Robin, Mixed
Live Scores
Court and Fixture Alerts
More Formats Coming Soon
Knock Out
Host championships of any scale, ensuring every match feels unique and competitive. With our advanced seeding and consolation draws, we ensure a thrilling journey for every player.
Any Bracket Size
From intimate 8-player brackets to grand 1,024-player showdowns and everything in between, we've got your championships covered.
Seeded Players
Choose to seed your top-performing players and leave the remaining participants to be handled automatically by the system to ensure a balanced and competitive experience.
Consolation Draw
Ensure every player gets a second chance! Easily set up a consolation draw for those who got edged out in their first or second round matches.
find an opponent
Register for alerts
Find an opponent for a match
Filter by match date and level
Admin Dashboard
Monitor status of all events in one place
Remind players to play matches
Invite to join events by level
ATS Lite
For community clubs
Free forever
    Key features
    Free events only
    Box Leagues
    Knock-Out Championships
    Email Support
    For small and medium clubs
      Everything in ATS Lite, plus
      Events with Entry Fee
      Live Tournaments
      No Ads
      Chat Support
      For large clubs
      Let's talk
        Everything in ATS Challenger, plus
        Custom branding and domain
        Rankings and WTN integration
        Fixed priced invoicing
        Telephone Support